LifeDigger, your knowledge base.
Build your knowledge base.
How many notes get lost in your computer?
How many times have you looked up the same information?
Break up massive information into manageable knowledge chunks. We make it easy for you to find and link them.
You will have an interconnected knowledge base!

A knowledge manager tailored to your needs
Record and save your code snippets.
Why you should use LifeDigger.
Be more productive, more organized and turn your interests into mastered skills
One-click adds a new piece of information.
Lightning fast
Instantly digg into your knowledge.
Power-up your workflow with the shortcuts.
Use tags to organize your knowledge and get rid of traditional organization schemes.
Link your information together in a Wiki style.
Let LifeDigger fills in the blanks in your organization scheme
Mind map
Get insights on your knowledge and picture your mastery level.
Trigger your long time memory with flash-cards.
Review mode
Review your knowledge and strengthen your memory thanks to the spaced-repetition effect